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There are many treatment centers across the vast United States. But when you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one what are some of the first questions that cross your mind. Is this the right program for me? Will this treatment center be able to take care of my loved one, and give them what they need to move past the drugs or alcohol? Will this finally be the end to their running?

Here in Teen Challenge Illinois it is the development of relationships through a 50 year proven treatment method that has transformed hearts and lives throughout the generations. We aren’t promising record deals or book signings, those things may come. What sets Teen Challenge Illinois apart from other treatment programs and facilities is that our lives model the results you will hear about.

When you or your loved one want to become a dependable, stable individual that loves their family and supports their community and local church, then please select one of our centers as your choice in helping yourself or your loved one recover from this destructive lifestyle of drug and alcohol abuse. If drugs or alcohol have not destroyed your life, perhaps there is some other secret or not-so-secret life controlling problem tearing you apart on the inside. Come to Teen Challenge Illinois and learn what it means to receive healing, have hope, and enjoy peace.

Our programs and curriculum have been developed in a progressive manner to help even the newest recovering student glean practical principles and put in place life changing plans that will alter the very course of their existence. “The greatest thing one can do is to lay down his life for his friend.” In Teen Challenge Illinois every staff member has learned to lay aside old behaviors and accept a new way of life by working sacrificially to teach our students to work, play, and live reliably and respectfully in society. Through these staff/student relationships bonds are formed, and what was once lost has been found.

Recovery is a process. Teen Challenge Illinois is here to guide you and your loved ones through this process with the most grace and understanding that can be afforded. Thank you for considering us as you walk down the road to recovery. We hope you will be able to find the support, encouragement, and direction you are currently seeking.

Reach out to any one of our local centers:
In Decatur, Audrey Ephraim’s Home for Women (18yrs&older) 217.423.9117
In Peoria, Teen Challenge Peoria, Men’s Division (18yrs&older) 309.673.3716
In Chicago, Teen Challenge Chicago, Men’s Division (18yrs&older) 773.772.2211


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