Thank you for your interest in Teen Challenge Illinois/Audrey’s Home for Women. We are a part of a network of over 250 Teen Challenge residence programs worldwide. We have had success over the years helping individuals who struggle with substance abuse, emotional instability and delinquent behaviors. Studies have shown that faith based programs like Teen Challenge have the highest success for recovery.

Our only success with lady lies in their willingness to work with this program, open their hearts to the Lord and allow our staff to help them redirect negative lifestyles, attitudes and emotions.

Our goal is to facilitate an environment that will provide growth, nurturing, Christian maturity for each lady. We trust that our program will be the proper fit for each young woman who enters. God bless you and thank you for your interest in Teen Challenge Illinois/Audrey’s Home for Women.

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Our Programs

Audrey’s Home For Women offers one of the most intensive and complete programs for the healing development of Christian Families with troubled loved ones. We address specific areas of life. The following components make up our Spiritual Treatment Plan:

Emotional Healing
(My Mind, Will & Emotions)
Social Maturity
(My Relationships with Others)
Character Development
(My Relationship With Myself)
Spiritual Growth
(My relationship with God)
Addiction Recovery
(Teen Challenge Group & Personal Studies)

Often times people in crisis can be defiant, unmotivated, truant, and involved in immoral lifestyles, including promiscuity, drug abuse, alcohol and outright rebellion. Teen Challenge/Audrey’s Home For women, combines ministry efforts to address the whole person by providing a whole solution through spiritual nurturing, housing, recreation, training, academic achievement, emotional health and social enrichment.

Audrey’s Home For Women offers a therapeutic spiritual treatment plan. Rather than limiting ourselves to management models that affect the outward man only, our focus is on spiritual renewal resulting in transformation through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Photos

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